Branding Manual

This image manual is designed using a clean concept. The use of fonts will be vital for the development of the brand. Additionally, this brand manual will find all the guidelines that your brand needs to be consistent.


Being consistent is the key to positioning your brand in the mind of the consumer - Lessening the impact of competition, creating loyalty & brand recognition, thus resulting in the purchase of the products offered by Sango

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Branding Manual

Sango is a powerful concept when it comes to brand communication. Sango alludes to Post Partum, which describes the brand's target group. It is a brand focused on postpartum nutrition, which seeks to offer healthy and balanced food according to this new phase of being a mother.


The brand will contain various graphic aspects, such as color, textures, communication elements, communication channels and in itself in the operation of the business, from the first contact with the brand until the sale of the product.

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Why is it important?

A Graphic Branding Manual contains all parameters associated with communicating your brand. It creates a visual plan on how you intend to build a trusted, recognisable business.

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Brand Colour Palette

  • Sango is located in the maternity products and services industry, which creates the target audience who are drawn to pastel colours.

  • It is also important to recognize that Sango also falls under the Food Delivery. Industry. Successful branding within this industry includes clean designs, bold colours, and images of the food you wish to retail. We have included all of these elements in your branding.

  • A strong concept is also an important element when creating a brand. We have chosen colours consistent to that of the Cherry Blossom A beautiful connection back to the Japanese name Sango, and also the business location in Victoria, BC.

In the colour palette, we have included soft purples & pinks - representing wisdom, imagination, creativity, mystery and magic. As a complimentary colour, we have selected orange. Orange is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, enthusiasm, success, encouragement, change, determination, health, stimulation, happiness & fun. Both tones combined are a wonderful representation of the creation of new life and bring a neutral element to the brand which allows the bold logo of Sango to stand out and be recognized instantly. 

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Packing Concept

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Photography Concept