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its presence in the digital environments, creating communities that are loyal to your brand.

Your website is the Head Quarters

of your company in a digital environment,

but it does not work by itself.

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Today, there are billions of websites in an environment saturated with simplicity. 83.4% of the websites are designed by pre-established templates that do not maximize their connections. Each company is different, so it is not logical that the same templates are used for all companies.

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Brand Positioning

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Frequent Customers.

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Website Development

At GR Marketing, we develop websites according to your business. We customize your website's UI with a unique and creative design to generate a UX that produces traffic, recall and provides quality information.

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Before designing, we take the time to research your competition, design trends, typefaces, photographic direction, colour psychology, and more.

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With our creative professionals' team, we take the information from our research + the information you give us about your company and create the architecture and content.

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Once all the market information and creative planning are on your site, it's time to design the UX / UI and marketing integrations that best suit your idea.

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It is Alive!!

Your page is ready to be connected with the digital environment, which we can also do for you. SEO, analytics, Lead Generation, social networks, cross digital marketing, content generation and more.

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Website Development and


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The first step in your digital strategy is to create a website according to your goals and target groups

  • Design of User Interface and User Experience.

  • Connect your website with your domain and host.

  • We set up all internal and external links.

  • Divide your webpage according to your market and target group.

  • Connect your social media.

  • We use unique and exclusive image banks and vectors.

  • We guarantee that your website will be unique, and it will not have the same photo as your competitors.

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SEO Strategy & Keywords.

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Social Media Integrations.

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Sales Funnel Integrations (Software Integrations).

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Responsive websites increase your ranking through SEO.