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Why is it important that the legal documents of your business are in order?

At the end of the year, you want all of your important documents ready to be filed. It saves an infinite amount of time and stress and ensures that an important government document is not misplaced or missed. And your business remains safe and in good standing.

We organize your physical file.

Why US?

We categorize your documents according to relevance and type.
We register your documents according to the requirements of the government.
We keep the copy in our offices, totally safe.


Files Services

We keep your corporate documents safe

We virtually host your corporate files, you can send important documents to our address.  We keep all your important government filing documents, organize and store them for you. This provides you with one address where all of your documents can be stored safely by us. 

We organize and categorize your documents.

We keep everything organized for you and ensure your important business documents safe for you. We will even file for you, at your request.

We manage your information on government platforms.

It’s difficult to keep everything organized and run a business simultaneously, so we do it for you

GR Corporate Service Files Management-08

A perfect complement, accounting services.

We also offer Bookkeeping Services - so you can have your accounts handled all in one location by one team. It’s an important tool for businesses to have organized taxes and filings and all of their government documents.

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