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Create Your Own

E-commerce Store

In response to the COVID 19 crisis, the government is offering B.C. businesses financial assistance to create their own e-commerce store.

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GR Marketing will help you throughout the process so you can stimulate business with an incredible and functional online store

The Launch Online Grant program provides funding to B.C. based businesses to help them create an online store or improve their current e-commerce experience. The goal of the grant is to help businesses attract new customers and stimulate revenue. The grant will pay for up to 75% of eligible expenses with a maximum of $7,500 per business.


The program is accepting applications from businesses ready to start and finish their store within 12 weeks.

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How Works

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Contact us to assist you in putting together a development proposal for your specific store.

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You won't need to worry about the application, our team of experts will take care of it, all you'll need to do is provide the required documents.

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Once the request is sent, you will be contacted within 2-3 weeks to receive your results.

Increase business with an elite

e-commerce store and start reaching

more customers. We offer:

  • Platform and website development.

  • Copy and online content writing.

  • Developing an online inventory of goods and products.

  • Product Pictures. (Stock Subscription or Photographer).

  • E-commerce platform subscription (up to 1 year).

  • Online advertising.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  • Banners and other embedded advertising.

  • Staff training to manage the online shop, learn about digital marketing and more.

  • Security protection for customer information and registration.

  • Efficient shopping cart and order management tools.

  • Payment processing options including taxes and shipping costs at time of ordering.

  • Product catalogue, search and inventory status.

  • Website analytics and reporting capabilities.

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