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Branding Manual

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Branding Manual

This image manual is designed using a clean concept. The use of fonts will be vital for the development of the brand. Additionally, Here you will find all the guidelines required to maintain your brand's consistency.

Consistency is key to positioning your brand in the mind of the consumer - Lessening the impact of competition, creating loyalty & brand recognition, thus resulting in the purchase of the products and services offered by Peko

Why is it important?

A Graphic Branding Manual contains all parameters associated with communicating your brand. It creates a visual plan on how you intend to build a trusted, recognisable business.

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Branding Manual Concept

The concept of an 'Umbrella Brand' was used to create the branding concept for Peko. The use of organic shapes supports a dynamic brand, aiding in creating visualization to support a lasting brand impression


The movement and nuances were combined to create a striking graphic identity. The acid colours were carefully selected from a blue and green scale with the use of alternating complementary colours to distinguish the sub-brands of Peko; a new and dynamic brand that aids in App integration.

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Colour Palette

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Umbrella branding concept

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Big Brand Lab

Communication Concept - Website

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Website Concept

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Main files
Peko Branding Manual

Inside your PDF branding manual, you can find more details about your brand; moreover, all designs are posted throughout this webpage.

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Branding Manual PDF

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Main files