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A Brand is a reason to choose

Logo Proposals

Hello Dwayne, we have created this website exclusively for you!

Here you can find your logo proposals, explicitly designed according to your business concept. We have intended three logo versions according to the information provided by you in the last meeting.

These creative ideas are the first stage in designing your innovative brand concept & we are looking forward to hearing your feedback! 

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Branding Package Integration

Branding holds a significant space in people's minds. It shapes your company's perception and identity and lets you share your vision and values. We help create your brand and provide an encompassing brand image.

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Option 2.1

Peko Logo Proposal-12.png
Peko Logo Proposal-13.png
Peko Logo Proposal-14.png

Option 2.2

Peko Logo Proposal-15.png
Peko Logo Proposal-16.png
Peko Logo Proposal-17.png

Option 2.3

Peko Logo Proposal-18.png
Peko Logo Proposal-19.png
Peko Logo Proposal-20.png

Explore the Creative Process

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