Building an Online Community

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

As humas, we seek connection to one another. One of the many reasons’ students attend a yoga studio is to feel part of a community. Practicing alongside one another can help you meet and bond with people who share your aspirations, interests, and perspective on life.

Studies at the University of Oxford have suggested that when we exercise as a group, we feel safer and more supported than when we do so alone. As a result, there may be less pain and fatigue—two biological signifiers of a potential threat. In fact, we actually release higher quantities of endorphins and endocannibinoids, nature’s chemical pain relievers and mood enhancers, into our nervous systems. As a result, we feel better, which rewards our cooperation as a group. “Experiencing this ‘social high’ may bring us closer together,” offers Arran Davis, a cognitive and evolutionary anthropologist at Oxford.

With the new Covid restrictions in place and classes being cancelled, creating an online space where students can come to stay connected to the studio and encourage that feeling of togetherness is vital.

So, how can you get students engaged online?

  • Insight blogging – Share knowledge with your students so they can continually improve their practice.

  • Vlogging – Share videos/workshops based on what the community is looking for. Use social media to ask students what they want to see!

  • Share your resources – Let your students know what YOU are practicing.

  • Yoga challenges – Get your students involved! Set challenges they can take part in, create hashtags, and encourage new yogis to join in!

  • Giveaways – The number 1 way to gain new online followers!

  • Create an online portal! A place where students can come to feel held, connected, and supported – Just as they do when they step into the studio.

  • Create Facebook events – Let your students know what’s on offer!

  • Create a newsletter – A great way to stay connected to your followers.

How do you start building your online community?

In the yoga world, trustworthiness is the most important element when it comes to online marketing. There is a LOT of content out there, so it is important that your audience understands that you are legitimate, qualified, and authentic with the information you are giving them.

Your students want to connect with you as a person, not just as a teacher/studio. They want to know what you practice, the things you enjoy and the things you are working on. Share your personal practices, nourishing recipes, self-care regimen and your favorite book!

This is a powerful time to build a deeper community, forge deeper connections and serve as a bridge, offering them the resources, community and support they need.

When you are creating content for your website, social media profiles, and your newsletter, don’t be shy to ask your community exactly what it is they want! Oftentimes people will have questions that they would love for you to answer or to discuss, or things that they are simply curious to know more about.

By giving your students what they want, you can truly demonstrate that you have their best interests at the heart of everything that you do!

We can help!

When it comes to online marketing, it’s important to also understand the analytics behind the scenes. Writing a captivating and share-worthy blog is only half the battle in creating content that engages and converts consumers. You also have to get eyes on your blog! Search engine optimization (SEO) is a smart way to do that, organically attracting readers to your blog and boosting your website’s visibility.

Not only will we create an awesome online space for you and your students, we will also ensure that all of the behind the scenes optimization is done, to make sure you are seen in a world full of content!

In order to keep your blogs on top, we will:

  • Utilize Keyword Research

  • Research Trending Searches

  • Incorporate Rich Media Types On-Page (such as stock photos, videos, or custom infographics)

  • Add Internal Links Within Your Content

  • Customize the URL You’re Using

  • Monitor Mobile Responsiveness & Experience

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